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Facebook’s fun office in Poland

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Facebook’s office in Poland, designed by the studio Madama, has a really striking funky design.


With a cultural diversity among the workers, the walls are filled with distinctive signs of the nationalities present in the office, while almost all of the furniture pieces were designed by Polish designers, such as Pan Popi or Puff-buff.


Facebook’s fun office in Poland


Russian dolls are thus joined by a mermaid, a hot-air balloon, an Asian dancer, and many more. They are surrounded by patches of blues and writing that are referring to the company itself. Those were designed and painted by Acapulco Studio.


Facebook’s fun office in Poland


On top of all of these designs, a neon Facebook sign – typical of Warsaw design – gives the eclectic interior an extra dimension.


There is quite a contrast between the overcrowded walls and the minimalist furniture pieces which makes this office an unusual place to work at. The clash of textures that are present contributes to this contrast as well.


Facebook’s fun office in Poland


We also love the stunning silhouette wall, depicting the cityscape in monochrome, which looks perfect in this sleek part of the office.


See this striking office in more details here.


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