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International Leader in Wallcoverings


In 2012 our wallcoverings were the first to be awarded an Ecopoints score by BRE Global, part of the Building Research Establishment.

This means our wallcoverings are now available with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), meaning that by using Muraspec clients can earn further valuable credits towards their environmentally responsible fit-out schemes such as SKA and LEED.

The BRE Ecopoints rating is derived from a cradle-to-grave life cycle analysis that examines 13 categories of impact, of which Carbon footprint, use of natural resources and waste disposal are just three examples.

Muraspec’s wallcoverings have been given an average score of just 0.2 Ecopoints per m2, relative to the average European person’s environmental impact of 100 Eco Points.

Furthermore, at Muraspec we are committed to helping our customers to responsibly reduce, reuse and recycle, just like we do. For information and guidance on recycling visit Recycle-more hosts the UK’s most comprehensive Recycling Locator, enabling visitors to find their nearest recycling point, to ensure waste is correctly disposed of and recycled.