The new office of Ratyński Design & Build

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 The new office of Ratyński Design & Build

The new office of Ratyński Design & Build, which is located in the Q11 building at 1 Starzyńskiego St. in Gorzów Wlkp., was designed by interior designer – Monika Tomczak. The architect chose various proposals from our wide range of amazing wallpapers which perfectly match the atmosphere of a modern interior.

Wallcovering designs used Burnish 10762, Digital Wallmotion Abstract LTD00450

Wallcovering designs used Wallmotion LTD02000, black geometric studio suite reflective and P8083 Astoria Linha 

All wallpapers have the highest quality and excellent parameters (they are washable, scrub resistant, UV resistant, etc). This is the best possible choice for commercial interiors. 

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