Muraspec is Marks and Spencer’s supplier of choice

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As a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of wallcovering solutions, Muraspec prides itself on creating unique and innovative designs that instantly engage your clients, while providing them with an effective and meaningful message that solidifies their perception of your business.
We offer an extensive range of standard design combinations as well as unmatchable bespoke solutions to help you create an ambiance and a level of comfort that is relevant to your business, which is why Muraspec is Marks and Spencer’s supplier of choice.

Marks & Spencer’s Requirements
Marks & Spencer, a leading UK retailer, was looking for a supplier that can offer unique designs for their fully packed re-decoration programme –somebody they could trust to meet their aggressive timelines. Marks and Spencer sought a solution that creates relevant visual appeal in different departments in their retail outlets. The products were expected to be washable, fire-rated and durable for a busy high street retailer.
Muraspec’s Solution
Working to firm deadlines and very specific product briefs, Muraspec was able to create several new designs for the Womenswear, Menswear, Footwear, Lingerie and Kids departments. These designs necessitated careful consideration of and planning to Marks & Spencer’s target audience, and product briefs.
Muraspec continues to create new products for additional areas within the store, working closely with the Marks & Spencer design team to ensure the products we create match their requirements and new ‘no white walls’ concept.
The results are truly amazing – a smart Menswear department in a cool new Osaka colour, a softer and subtle Womenswear in Belmont, the fun Kidswear in a bright/clean colour index, and a feminine lingerie department with soft neutral Celeste colours.
 Muraspec’s designs project a visual image that is not only appealing, but perhaps more importantly, useful and effective in conveying a message to Marks & Spencer’s clients.
Muraspec has been able to consistently deliver on Marks & Spencer’s design and product feature requirements, thanks to our creative design teams and UK-based manufacturing facilities. All products are carefully selected, trialed and test hung by our very own technical team before the real challenge begins!
Muraspec can offer so much more…Marks & Spencer wanted a no-fuss approach to planning and supplying their stores with wallcoverings. Not a problem! Our customer service team created a weekly report, providing a complete breakdown of products despatched, whom to and for which stores, together with a plan of the remaining stocks highlighting which ones needed re-ordering. Roll sizes were critical to how Marks & Spencer ordered and used our materials on site. As such, all of their selected products are supplied in unique size rolls of 12.5 metre for the convenience of Marks & Spencer and their contractors.
ALEX NEILSON UK & International Specification Manager of Marks & Spencer’s says “Working closely with Muraspec over the last 2 years we have been able to achieve cost effective solutions that met the exacting and challenging briefs for our store environment – with Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation – 3 of M&S’s core values”
Muraspec is the ‘one stop’ shopping experience for your retail sector regular meetings with our design team, and visits to our unique production facility in Kent, results in a trusted partnership, and a much better understanding of your requirements. This allows us to create bespoke designs that captivate your customers’ attention, convey your message, and enables a positive first impression, allowing them to associate incredible feelings with your brand.

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