Muraspec Digital Transforms Huck’s American Bar & Grill at Centre Parcs

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 Huck’s American Bar & Grill at Centre Parcs 


The lovely team at RAW Design utilised a unique mix of our digital and bespoke wallcoverings to refurbish Huck’s with a rustic chic twist.


Wallmotion, LTD00700         

A highly adaptable and versatile digital range, WALLMOTION offers endless design possibilities. All of our designs are scalable, adaptable and plentiful to choose from. In fact, what makes these wallcoverings unique is their level of adaptability to any number of design needs or aesthetic senses. From magnificent decorative to woods, vivid abstracts, modern minerals and inky metallic alternatives, these digitals can bring your ideas to life.


Engineered Timber, Planks & Other Wood Inspired Graphics

Our wood-inspired graphics add charm, character and a rustic touch to the modern interior scheme. These creative, driftwood inspired wallcoverings bring a natural touch to any space. LTD00700, specified by RAW Designfor the project, is a particularly inspired take on this ‘bring the outdoors in’ design trend. 


Our bespoke digital wallpapers – displaying various snapshots of the American experience – add another element of authenticity to the air at Huck’s


Merging the bespoke with the ‘faux bois’ of the Wallmotion range, the designers immerse visitors into this warm and inviting environment. 


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