Global Wallcovering Manufacturer Delivers a Polished Performance for Ted Baker Concessions Worldwide

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Global luxury clothing and accessories retailer, Ted Baker, needed a stunning, yet cost-effective wallcovering for their concession stores worldwide. Muraspec created the ideal design and finish, along with a speedy turnaround and guaranteed deliveries.


Each stand-alone Ted Baker store interior has a unique one-off finish, however for their current 346 global concessions, they wanted something that offered continuity of design. Their main concern was whether a wallcovering could be provided that worked for these concessions, complemented their brand, and be delivered within the timescales for a speedy roll out programme both in the UK and Internationally.

How did Muraspec help?

The tight knit team at Muraspec listened to the requirements. As a UK manufacturer and experts in handling roll out programmes, we reassured Ted Baker that once the design was agreed upon, managing the delivery timescales would not be a problem.

The design of the proposed wallcovering needed to complement Ted Baker’s retail interior design. From two tiles of pink and grey, our experienced in-house creative team provided several variations on possible colours and designs that would complement their concession interiors. Following on from this selection, Ted Baker visited our factory in Kent, to discuss the designs and finishes further, and see where we manufacture such a wide selection of high quality, fire rated wallcoverings via an extensive range of specialist equipment.

They sought a stone effect design that gave the illusion of polished plaster and reflected the quality of the Ted Baker products. Utilising a wallcovering with this type of design would be far more cost-effective than using real stone, however the finish needed to look realistic and therefore be of a very high quality.

With members of the Muraspec team being with the business for more than 25 years, the expertise lavished on this project was instrumental in providing solutions. The digital team working in partnership with the Ted Baker team produced various options for them to select from.

Additional benefits for Ted Baker were: that they always spoke to a Muraspec team member as nothing in our development process is outsourced – another reason why our turnaround times are second to none in this industry; we delivered training on hanging digital wallcoverings to the Ted Baker shop fitters, holding demonstrations at our factory to guarantee the luxurious finish that Ted Baker required on site.



By selecting a polished plaster wallcovering, it saved Ted Baker significant budget on real stone finishing. The Muraspec in-house design team were key to creating the ideal design and the desired finish for Ted Bakers’ wallcoverings in their concession stores. Our on-site manufacturing ensured a quick turnaround from design approval, to delivery on site – sometimes with only a few days to turn them around. On-site training ensured the perfect finish in-store and the project has resulted in sales last year of around £50 K with additional works continuing throughout this year, both UK and internationally. 

 The Ted Baker Special Projects team said – “With a fast roll out of our global concessions, it was important for us to work with a trusted partner that understood our requirements. Muraspec have been a breath of fresh air to work with on this project, they have taken all the stress out of finding the right design and finish for our walls and have proven to be reliable on the delivery dates. The roll out has been a developing programme, where the design is evolving from site to site, so the collaborative working has continued.”

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