bbrown in the annual Plymouth College Catwalk

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At bbrown we love the ‘next big thing’ so jumped at the chance to attend this year’s Fashion Graduate show at Plymouth College of Art.

We were impressed by all the collections on show, where the students demonstrated some amazing talent and obvious hard work during the year.

Some of the students got creative with bbrown products in their designs – in particular Shauna Cooper and Jack Morris, who would have got the best reaction of the day if they hadn’t been upstaged by some seriously cute child models!

 Plymouth catwalk image 1

 Plymouth catwalk image 2

Shauna used bbrown glitter disco in a selection of pastel colours for her collection “Still not asking for it!”, an expressive collection that makes a political comment on Feminism today.

plymouth catwalk image 3

Good use of white PVC in these trousers, matching the glossy white PVC catwalk!

Plymouth image 4

White bbrown Glitter Jazz stole the show in this beautiful dress and handbag, designed by Jack, who was inspired by “a delicate koi white pearl plucked from the east sea drift upon a honey sweet blossom breeze.” Gorgeous. Do you take commissions guys?!

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