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A futuristic loft office for Ajando

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Technology company Ajando has gained a stunning new office that offers a futuristic twist on a large-scale loft conversion.


The scheme, in the Mannheim Harbour area of Germany, provides its inhabitants with a spacious and minimalist workplace that uses clean lines and ambient lighting to enhance the productive atmosphere.


Futuristic office


Peter Stasek’s design takes a unique approach to shape, with unusual geometries forming motifs throughout the office. The rounded staircase folds and undulates, with circular gaps and parallel lines of light lending it a space-age feel. The theme of roundness continues throughout the office, with archways and windows in the striking brick partition wall and the unusual retro-futuristic pendant lighting. (If you like geometries, have a look at our geometric designs here)


Futuristic office


While many exposed brick walls give an interior scheme a touch of industrial chic, this one does something far more interesting, with its back to basics feel juxtaposed against the postmodern office fixtures. It also adds a rustic roughness among the smooth metal and plastic, which is delightfully incongruous.


Futuristic office


The neutral shades are lifted by this contrast in textures and any hint of blandness is banished by the warm yellow and cool purple lighting hues, which adds a further air of mystery to the office design.


This unique scheme with its textured walls and unusual lighting is inviting, yet challenging – a perfect environment for a pioneering technology company.


You can see the office in more detail here.