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Fardis is synonymous with luxury interiors, specialising in wallpapers, fabrics and decorative panels. 

Fardis has a long history of designing and manufacturing interior products, with its reputation in the industry

spanning four decades. 


For over 10 years, Fardis has been a part of the Muraspec Group.  The Fardis brand has a strong focus on delivering a wide variety of

interior surfaces from classic to contemporary collections, both in design and colour. Our products combine brilliant designs, excellent

quality and great durability making them ideal for the residential and high end commercial environments. 


As an international brand, we work with teams of designers to create beautiful interior surfaces inspired locally and by fusion of cultures

and trends.  We have a team of specialists in our manufacturing facility based in the UK who meticulously examine all of our materials

and products that go into production to ensure a consistently high standard of quality. 


The current range of wallpapers and fabrics include damasks, florals, geometrics, metallics, textiles and much more.  New to Fardis are

Impressions® Sculptured panels - carved wooden decorative panels finished with a colourful laminate - now available in full length size

for an outstanding feature look or artwork-sized pieces to give complete freedom of use. 


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