Pinnacle™ performance fabrics are high performance, non-PVC upholstery products designed for a variety of applications and interior



Each of the designs in the Pinnacle upholstery portfolio features a durable non-PVC and plasticizer-free construction. Original Equipment

Manufacturers, architects, designers and facility managers will welcome the opportunity to utilize upholstery products featuring this

environmentally friendly construction without compromising on performance.


The portfolio of Pinnacle coated fabrics includes five on-trend urethane designs — Cascade,AntiguaCaboSerengetiSuperSoft and Touché.

Each features a soft hand for ease of upholstering while also delivering robust performance in an environmentally-preferred construction.


AntiguaCaboCascadeSerengeti and SuperSoft polyurethane fabric designs have been specifically engineered to not delaminate due to

hydrolysis related failures in indoor environments. Hydrolysis is the transformation of a chemical compound by reaction with water/moisture. 


The Pinnacle design Cascade features PreFixx® protective finish, which provides resistance to chemicals and stains, making it desirable for a

variety of applications, particularly for healthcare environments.





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