The requirements for upholstery used in healthcare settings are different than in other environments. Colour contributes not only to the aesthetics

but also to the patient’s healing and comfort. Appropriate textures help to limit accumulation of bacteria and grime.


Known for its wide design range and durability, Boltaflex® upholstery has been successfully used in a broad assortment of healthcare environments

including exam tables and stools, patient and dental seating, as well as hospital sleeper chairs.


Boltaflex coated fabrics, protected with the industry-leading PreFixx® protective finish, feature unparalleled resistance to staining, abrasion,

scuffing and burnishing as demonstrated in repeated laboratory field tests. The superior stain resistance and improved wear properties help keep

PreFixx protected products looking new longer than most other vinyl upholstery.


Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or a hospital designer, you should consider Boltaflex upholstery. Because of its protective,

scrubbable finish, anti-microbial properties and chemical resistance, it is often used on lab stools, examination room tables and seating.


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