Our Policy

      Offer a choice of products and materials

      Provide reliable and independent information

      Reducing our carbon footprint and energy usage

      Use resources wisely

      Uphold our social responsibilities

Muraspec offers a selection of designs for those who prefer the option of non-vinyl products. Our range also includes a great new selection of luxurious textiles including silks and printed faux-suedes.

We use water based inks and paper sourced from Finland under Finnish Forestry Certification (FFSC). FFSC is approved by PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

The selection of materials is kept under review by an internal technical and supply chain team. The choice of materials and their suppliers involves consideration of both the potential environmental effect of the raw material, and an evaluation of the environmental performance of the supplier. This is intended to give preference to those suppliers that operate according to environmental best practice.

In May 2004 the Muraspec manufacturing site achieved the exacting and internationally recognised ISO 14001 environmental standard-independent verification that we are serious about preventing pollution and are committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Our commitment to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) through BRE Ecoprofiles enables us to have an understanding of the environmental impacts of products from cradle to grave. This commitment extends to individual market needs, for example in France where we have worked with the government and industry to provide a French-based LCA and to certify our products to the HQE standard.

We continue to reduce the energy embodied in our products and closely monitor energy usage and maintain a project team to identify opportunities for further reductions in our carbon footprint.

Product packaging, recovery and recycling targets are achieved through membership of a UK national compliance scheme, Valpak.

Copies of certificates of conformance with the producer responsibility (packaging waste) regulations are available on request.

For more information of recycling in general please visit

Social Responsibility

For Muraspec social, responsibility starts with a commitment to integrity and the highest standards of ethical conduct, the values that guide include:

        Integrity:      To set the standard for ethical conduct by complying in letter and spirit with company polices and the law.

        Honesty:      To be honest with one another and with customers, suppliers, shareholders, communities and government.

        Respect:      To treat one another with respect, dignity and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our workforce and the uniqueness of each employee.

        Candour:      To build confidence through open, candid communication.

        Accountability:      To hold ourselves and others accountable for commitments and actions.

        Community:      To do our part to make the communities in which we live and work better. We will ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees through effective health & safety systems, adopt best available practices and engage our people and business partners in driving continuous performance improvement. We will seek to support the communities in which we work.

        Participation in local environmental projects:      East Peckham lies in the river Medway valley and many of the company employees live in the towns and villages that have developed along its banks. It is appropriate therefore, that the company should support a charity such as The Medway Valley Countryside Partnership, which is dedicated to improving the valley environment through action programmes focussed on nature conservation, bank restoration and education initiatives with local schools.

Site Visits and Further Information

Our Policy

The above information gives a general introduction to our approach to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

For anyone who would like further information we welcome visitors to our UK manufacturing site, and are happy to use these visits as an opportunity to explain how we manage our operations.


For further information or to arrange a visit please contact your Muraspec representative or fill in a factory visit request form.

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