Muraspec Wallcoverings At Rosa Private Golf Club

Rosa Private Golf Club, located in Konopiska Poland, recently started remodelling its clubhouse in partnership with the talented designers at UAD Studio. We are excited to share that our Murasuede commercial vinyl wallcovering has been specified and applied across this exclusive Konopiska clubhouse.

The Challenge

The main design challenge that UAD Studio faced was in sourcing solutions that met the functional requirements of this exclusive clubhouse. One major concern was to find wallcoverings that were both aesthetically-pleasing and accurately reflected the performance, durability and safety requirements of a large commercial setting.

UAD designers planned the project to the exacting and detailed requirements of this recreational facility and have, consequently, chosen wallcoverings that are visually complementary to and meet the robustness, wear-and-tear, UV and fire requirements of Rosa Private Golf Club.

The Solution

Muraspec Wallcoverings was able to meet all the technical requirements and, in partnership with UAD Studio, sourced the best wallcovering for the functionality and visuality of this private golf clubhouse.

Murasuede, a luxurious suede product from our Eternity range, was the vinyl cladding of choice for the corridors, stairwells, and rooms of this cosy setting. It offers a pleasant, velvety softness, with fibres that arrange themselves into subtle patterns at the slightest touch.

Our texturally rich wallcovering is available in a range of deep browns, creams and bleached beiges. Murasuede (Beige) 11191 was used in the rooms whereas Murasuede (Grey) 11190 was used in the stairwells. Additionally, our Nap Suede fabric, which has a width of 145 cm and a length of 40m, was used in the corridors. All of these suede elements together exude an elegant yet warm, homey atmosphere across this lavish Konopiska clubhouse. 

Our Murasuede wallcoverings were also chosen for this project due to their exceptional performance when it comes to durability as well as resistance to wear-and-tear, ageing, UV and fire (Class B rated). Suede is also easy to care for; simply clean it on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner.

Suede is also best, functionally, for a clubhouse setting due to its acoustic properties. Firstly, the vinyl wallcovering creates an insulating layer on the walls that reduces noise levels between adjoining spaces. Additionally, the soft surface finishes of the Murasuede wallcovering absorb sounds, further enhancing the acoustic comfort and privacy of guests visiting the premises.

Moreover, Suede’s width of 130 cm is also beneficial when it comes to installation. Its parameters allow for a more economical application of vinyl cladding on larger wall surfaces, which is an important consideration for larger projects such as offices, hotels and even golf clubs.

The Result

UAD Studio, in partnership with Muraspec Wallcoverings, was able to fulfil its objective of remodelling the exclusive Rosa Private Golf Club with both functionality and aesthetics at the forefront of their design specifications. Firstly, due to their suede finishes, these wallcoverings absorb sounds and enhance the acoustic comfort and privacy of guests visiting the premises.

Secondly, the Murasuede wallcovering is durable, long-lasting and easy to clean – it can be vacuumed and cared for without issue. It has anti-static properties, which means it will not attract dust or allergens. It is also Euro Class B fire rated and has UV protection, which provide added safety and protect it from the harsh rays of the sun, respectively.

Finally, arriving back to design, the collaboration of UAD Studio and Muraspec has resulted in a wallcovering that truly gives the walls the elegant, yet warm homey touch that we have come to expect from the most exclusive golf clubs and clubhouses across the world. We are excited to see the luxurious Rosa Private Golf Club reopen and for guests to start arriving and enjoying the newly revamped facilities.

Redevelopment of the clubhouse of Rosa Private Golf Club in Konopiska

Design: UAD Studio

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