Characterised by a contemporary yet timeless series of classic damasks, intricate geometrics, delicate blossoms and luxurious soft stripes. Each design comes in an array of colours with a vast choice of co-ordinating textured plains to create an extensive amount of combination possibilities.

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Co-ordinate Andalucia with Polar Glacier plain wallcoverings


Co-ordinate Blossom with Vermont plain wallcoverings


Co-ordinate Crest with Karakash plain Wallcoverings


Co-ordinate Cubica with the Khotan plain Wallcoverings


Co-ordinate Integra with Khotan plain wallcoverings

Karakash Stripe

Co-ordinate Karakash Stripe with Karakash plain wallcoverings

To view these products in person, you can order a Tempus brochure by contacting or, you can order free samples via our website.


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